Jesus is truly so good. 

Tonight, my faith was tested. But without a doubt, I was still able to say God is good. Without a worry, I am able so Jesus is holding me in the palm of his hands. || I was at youth center. The kids had gone home. The clean up was done. We had just finished thanking the Lord for such a good night. We, as in us staff, sat around and carried on with conversation. I mentioned something about being content to one of my friends. “Con-ten-T?” One of my other friends had asked.  “Yeah? Is there something about the word content? He replied, “No, but we’re human. Is there even such a thing as being content?” Well, I mean, of course, there is; the Bible tells us to be content, but in all honesty, I am truly content. I went on saying, “this summer, I came up with a new life motto: ‘God is good, and so I am good.’ And that motto means since Jesus is truly good and if I truly believe that then there is no reason of why my life isn’t or why I have any complaints what’s so ever. And because I started believing that I became pretty content in life.” He answered, “I’m glad you’re in that season of life right now.” Season? I hope I live the rest of my life in believe that Jesus is good. “I know, but people go through valleys sometimes; you seem to be at a good place right now.” “Well,” I said, “I am, but that doesn’t mean that my circumstances have changed, but my heart did because like I said before, I decided to believe that Jesus is truly good. The conversation than quickly became to an end, and we all went home. Needless to say, that within the few moments that I came home that I would be updated with some news that wasn’t good, but that I have been waiting to hear. News that would very clearly test my faith. But, being completely honest, there was not a thought in my mind that Jesus was not good. So thank You, Jesus, for how good You truly are. || 


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